Seiondo (sigh-ON-doh), n.

An intentional environment of tranquility, opulence, and service.

You’ve wanted it forever.

Even before you had a name for it.

You’ve craved it.

And now, you’ve found out that… this is really a thing.

Whatever name you’ve learned it as…

  • Power exchange (or “Total” power exchange - TPE)
  • Authority exchange
  • Master/slave
  • Dominant/submissive

The fact is… YES! … People actually do live this lifestyle all over the world in committed, authentic, and healthy 24/7 relationships.

(from left) slave lessli, Master Koi, slave sierra

Hi, we are Master Koi, slave lexi and slave lessli.

We’re living proof that you can actually live this lifestyle, and have HEALTHY, positive relationships!

Whether you identify as a Master or slave, or you’re just uncertain, our site will help you explore the duality and “balanced but not equal” world of authority exchange dynamics.

Through our years of study and practice in relationships, authority exchange, psychology, and interpersonal dynamics, we have developed an approach to this lifestyle that manifests through a commitment to communication, support, compassion, acceptance, and love.

We call it, “Seiondo”...

Seiondo loosely translates as “the way of harmony of the spirit”, and is a deliberate, chosen path of tranquility found through the disciplines of control and surrender.

Walking the path of Seiondo means embracing the duality of our chosen lifestyle.

It means living committed to the disciplines necessary for maintaining the balance of our “side of the slash”.

So... what's next?

Are you ready to start your journey into this lifestyle? 

Anxious to begin or expand your understanding and application of dominance or surrender?

If so, we recommend reading the 6 Pillars of Master/slave Relationships.

For masters, this will not only help you focus your own growth, but also deeply understand the underlying needs that drive your current or future slave in their desire to serve.

For slaves, this will help you put words to those frustratingly elusive feelings about service and surrender, and also give you sense of what to expect from those you might come to serve.

This is our foundational philosophy, and the core of everything we teach here at Seiondo.

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