About Seiondo

Seiondo... The Philosophy

The concept behind the name, Seiondo, is simple. Embody everything having to do with a tranquil, spiritual lifestyle of dominance and surrender.

The use of the Japanese kanji name, as well as the suffix "-do", meaning "way of", speak to the implied formality intent within the name, while simultaneously evoking a sense of the Japanese ethos and aesthetic.

The philosophy of Seiondo can be summed up thus:

  • Dominance and surrender can be expressed most fully in a cooperative, harmonious dynamic.
  • The only way toward a solution is through compassionate communication.
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    To be adversarial with one another is to be out of harmony of the relationship. 
  • Every person must maintain their integrity with their partner, the relationship, and themselves.

Seiondo... The Household

Seiondo was founded in 2012 as an educational household in the great Denver area.